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Negotiate Anything Podcast Appearance

Click here to listen December 5, 2022. STS Principal Jonathan Lacey and  American Negotiation Institute CEO Kwame Christian discuss the benefits of diversity and empathy in negotiation and the critical nexus where diversity and security meet.

Former Buffalo FBI agent: Very hard to track modern white supremacists

Coming up on two weeks since the mass shooting in Buffalo, we’re looking at the danger of the ideas that fueled the alleged shooter’s violence. He allegedly discussed racially-charged conspiracy theories and drove hours to get here, but these ideas are spreading quickly and they pose a unique threat. This country has no shortage of […]

Retired FBI agent talks safety in active shooter situations

Jonathan Lacey, a retired FBI special agent and principal at Security & Training Solutions, LLC, spoke with News 4 about how to stay safe in active shooter situations. This comes in the wake of the mass shootings at Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue and at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Lacey said the FBI […]

Why Facial Recognition Systems Could Rise In Popularity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Security companies are updating their technology to recognize people wearing masks and measure temperatures, showing how facial recognition could become widely sought as a global security solution. By Haley Samsel Security Today Mar 20, 2020 With fears of spreading the coronavirus at the forefront of everyone’s minds, security companies are arguing that facial recognition systems […]