STS Expert Opinion – International Crime Prevention – Jamaica

STS Expert Opinion - International Crime Prevention - Jamaica

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NU ceremony honors law enforcement grads FBI special agent offers advice to Niagara Country Law Enforcement Academy graduates By Rick Pfeiffer May 11, 2017 LEWISTON -- In a time of what seem like impossible…

Buffalo News Coverage of Security and Training Solutions Business Launch

Retired FBI agent continues 'mission' to limit carnage in active shooter situations By Lou Michel Published December 26, 2019 The images are all too familiar: police and federal agents swarming the scene of an active shooter. It could…

Security and Training Solutions Launch Press Release

Retired FBI Special Agent and former local business leader Jonathan Lacey starts security training and consulting company in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo, New York, December 16, 2019 – Jonathan R. Lacey, who grew up in Williamsville, New York,…

Gunshots in a Syracuse Mall, a Phone Call and Darkness in a Distant Car

By Sean Kirst Published December 13, 2019|Updated December 14, 2019 You are on a drive with your oldest son on the night after Thanksgiving, surrounded by darkness on a country highway. You are on your way back, by tradition and ritual,…